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Hello, World!

Welcome to my corner of the internet. My name is Mateus de Morais, I currently live in Natal, RN, Brazil and am an avid .NET Developer finding my way through the world of open source. The projects that I’m currently working on range from WPF to ASP.NET Core. I use both a Mac and a PC and do not believe one should choose a side, but live the best of both worlds. My all-time favorite programming language is C# – believe me, it’s NOT just a half-step above C.

I’m a college student currently pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering and a Microsoft Student Partner. I also work towards building a start-up with a friend of mine called Orbt. It’s coming out all right.

My personal hobbies include making music, reading and writing – both in code and in English.

If you wish to contact me, please don’t hesitate! I got links to social media and email in the home page. Enjoy!